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Choose your colors

Here are your Choice of Colors!!!  Let me explain the difference between them.

Clear Colors are the stones that are crystal clear and you can see through these colors. DC Colors are the stones which have an iridescent look to them.  Electric Colors are the Bright colors which are opaque (can not see through them).  Snowflake Color is a Clear Stone with a splash of color through it.  Note!  Chrome Black has a little grey tint to it.  The Black is a shiny black. The Glass stones shown here are true to color so if you have any questions, please call me at 727-712-3830 or e-mail me at deemo@flash.net

If you would like custom colors, we recommend printing this page if you have a colored printer, if you do not, please write down the colors you like.  We have provided you a box under each item where you  can type the specific color or colors you would like.

Clear Colors




Aqua Blue


Cobol Blue


DC Colors





Dc Amber

Dc Amethyst

Dc Aqua Blue

Dc Cobol Blue

Dc Green

Dc Pink

Dc Red

Dc Teal

Dc White

Dc Yellow

Electric Colors

Chrome Black


El Blue

El Green

El Orange

El Red

El Sky Blue

Snowflake Colors


El Yellow


Sf Blue

Sf Orange

Sf White

Sf Yellow